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Opening of a new restaurant in Cairo, a unique concept

With more than 1,6 million visitors for the last 15 years from Paris to Auckland, through London, Madrid, Barcelona, Melbourne, Nantes, Bordeaux, Marrakech and St Petersburg, Dans le Noir ? (French translation for “In the Dark?”) will open its first official ‘Dining in the Dark’ restaurant concept in Cairo-Giza on November 29th, 2019.

Dans le Noir ? is all over the world a once in a lifetime experience inviting guests to eat in the pitch dark guided and served by unexpected guides.

This innovative project has been set up by the Arab Center for specialized Media for people with disabilities in partnership with “Dans le Noir ?” and nearly half of the team will be visually impaired, blind or with other disabilities.

A unique restaurant in Cairo, next to the Egyptians sites

Guests will be carried away by an original and celebratory culinary experience in the heart of Ancient Egypt. Through the original fresh seasonal surprise menus, they will focus their attention on smelling, touching, tasting... a range of sensations that stimulate their emotions to discover the favourite dishes savoured by the Pharaohs thousands of years ago. the cooking team was trained to cook recipes with specific techniques to faithfully reproduce the dishes of yesteryear but also following the rules of cooking adapted to the dining in the dark concept that plays with textures and flavors. A great combinaison to surprise and entertain guests !

The “Dans le Noir ?” in Cairo conducted a precise investigation with Edouard de Broglie, founder of «Dans le Noir ? » and Haya El Badawy, researcher  at the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, with extensive research at the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Everything has been sifted: utensils, techniques, recipes, ingredients, origin.

A unique team for the opening of the Cairo Dans le Noir ? restaurant

Dans le Noir? International Director Chanael Lenoir who will recruit and train the blind team in Giza in November, says the concept is both a new way to experience food but also to discover some aspects of the life in Ancient Egypt. This experience is an excellent activity to combine with the visit of the Pyramids and soon the Grand Egyptian Museum. Some travel agencies form Europe, America and Japan have already contacted Dans le Noir ? To include the experience in their tour.

The Dans le Noir ? dining experience will be available every day for lunch and from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner guests will enjoy the Pharaoh’s dedicated surprise menu (dietary requirements can be accommodated with notice).

The “Dans le Noir ?” restaurant is also available for corporate, private and special event bookings on request. For enquiries please call +20 100 934 9567. Conferences about the topic can be organized with a specialist before and after the experience.


General information about this new restaurant in Cairo:

  • Address: Dans le Noir ? Cairo-Giza : 170 B hadayk el ahram , Khofo Gate, Giza, Egypt
  • Open from Wednesday to Sunday (Privatization available upon request) – lunch and dinner.
  • Prices from EGP 785
  • Gift vouchers available on request from December 1st 2019.
  • Reservations at